How the Light Comes In

How The Light Comes In

How the Light Comes In

How The Light Comes In Book

What do you do when you confront anxiety and panic for the first time? Author Carlee J. Hansen takes readers on a journey through unexplained panic attacks, medical intervention, and her eventual diagnosis as someone living with generalized anxiety disorder and intrusive thinking. She details her journey into the world of the unknown as she looks for resolution through therapeutic intervention, pharmaceutical rescue and basic self-care, hoping to alleviate the day-to-day challenges of her anxious mind.

Hansen writes of faith, loss and recovery in a way that puts the reader at home in these pages. You will come away from How the Light Comes in with an added level of compassion and understanding for those suffering behind closed doors from this all-too-common ailment. If you struggle with anxiety, you can find place in these pages as they pour out empathy and understanding, but more importantly hope for healing as you continue on your path.

Raw, moving and vulnerable, How the Light Comes In is a tale of our time and a must-read by anyone who suffers from or knows someone living with anxiety.