Kurt Black – Podcast Recommendation

In our Pead in a Podcast episode with Kurt Black, we talked running . . . all things running. If you remember, Kurt was a nationally ranked steeple-chaser in college. (Side note for all of you non-runners out there, myself included: he didn’t actually chase steeples. That would be like a dog chasing a parked car. The steeple chase is that exhausting-looking track event where runners jump over hurdles and into big puddles of water before continuing to run around a track at lightning speed.)

During our interview, we learned about Kurt’s track career, starting in junior high when he ran his first marathon, and extending through his latest endeavors as an IRONMAN. After his time as a collegiate athlete, he parlayed his love for track into several successful, running-related businesses in both apparel and race ownership/timing. Throughout our discussion, we learned two things: First, Kurt is a special kind of crazy to not just run but to do it over hurdles and through water. Second, he is an incredible athlete that knows his running gear.

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During “3 Minutes of Torture”, Kurt told us that he recently bought a pair of headphones that he loved, ones that wouldn’t fall out during his regimented workouts. Well, don’t fret; we pestered Kurt until he was willing to give up the goods. The headphones are by Yurbuds and they are the Ironman Inspire Pro. Y’all, they are less than $30. We’ve linked to them on Amazon below for your shopping pleasure.

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