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S1:E11 Griff N. – Your Lifelong Health

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S1:E11 Griff N. - Your Lifelong Health

As a lifelong health enthusiast, Griff Neilson is changing the way his clients think about fitness.  Since his beginnings as a fitness trainer, Griff knew there was more to health than just gym time, leading his to discover a love for holistic practices, nutrition coaching and healing.  Once he discovered his true passion for helping those around him find better health, there was no getting in his way.  Griff successfully opened and operates Lifelong Fitness (, a Northern Utah training gym while continuing to spread his knowledge about elevated health to those around him.  His approach has helped hundreds find a better way and lead him to write and publish his first book, “Exorcising Your Excuses” (, a guide to finding your inner strength and healing your mind and body.  Hear Griff’s philosophies on clean-eating, Naps!, and what it takes to chase your dreams.

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