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S1:E8: Running and Business are not Mutually Exclusive Pt 2 (Kurt B)

As we continue this two-part episode, Kurt and Carlee talk business – having the courage and foresight to start and business and what it takes to make it succeed. As a successful entrepreneur, Kurt has valuable insight into taking calculated risks, being confident in your abilities and pushing yourself to find success. What role does passion play in being an entrepreneur? How do those passions translate into a successful business? Find that out and more on this episode of Pead in a Podcast.

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S1:E7: Running and Business are not Mutually Exclusive Pt 1 (Kurt B.)

In this two-part episode, we talk with Kurt about his decorated running career, starting with his first marathon in eighth grade to his more recent triumphs on the Iron Man courses in the United States. As a decorated collegiate athlete, Kurt overcame adversity (at times, hilarious amount s of it) to find his passion for the steeple chase – eventually becoming one of the sport’s top US competitors. Tune in to Pead in a Podcast to hear Kurt’s stories of triumph, his missteps and how he turned his love for the sport into a successful career as a business owner, coach and speaker.

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S1:E6: Community Involvement and You (Krista K.)

In Episode 6, Krista talks to us about community involvement and how to make your mark. Just returning from an alternative spring break trip to San Francisco where she and a group of students served the LGBTQ+ community, Krista shares amazing insight about the Active Citizenship Continuum and what it means to take our involvement to the next level. Getting involved in our communities is vital to our success as a society and there are hundreds of ways to make a difference for you and your family. “Turn Outward” – the rewards are limitless.

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