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S1:E5: Personal Progress: Mind and Body (Casch A.)

In Episode 5, Casch, a Beach Body wellness coach, discusses the mental and emotional journey that she has taken in order to get her body in peak physical condition. Health is more than food – it’s a mindset and a commitment to a completely better you. Casch discusses her journey, answers our listeners’ questions about health and wellness, and leaves us all feeling a little more energized to start our own journey to health.

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S1:E2: Passion for Art (Hollie M.)

In this week’s interview, we talk with Hollie, a stay-at-home wife and mother that was looking for a way to engage her creative side and find an outlet to express herself. Enter handlettering. Hollie discovered her love for the art and, in turn, discovered a part of herself that she never knew existed. In this episode, we discuss the importance of having outlets, what “taking care of yourself” truly means, and how that exploration can benefit both you and those around you.

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S1:E1: Premier, Overcoming Fear (Dallas H.)

Welcome to the premier show of Pead in a Podcast – the show that helps you discover yourself by engaging with professionals and enthusiasts from a variety of fields. In this episode, we talk about what it takes to overcome fear in order to discover what you are truly passionate about. Whether you are a risk taker or not, this episode will encourage you and strengthen your resolve to push yourself to a new level and start exploring your options for success.

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