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“Carlee spoke at our LDS Young Women in Excellence program in October 2015. She was engaging and had all of us laughing (including the parents) while sharing real-life experiences that we could all relate to. Carlee has a gift for story telling and she really connected to our group and she shared her message with a great spirit that we are still talking about a year later. One of the best spiritual experiences I’ve had. I hope we have opportunity to hear from her again soon!”Tracy Hansen

“What a professional and well prepared speaker. Carlee’s knowledge of the topic she was covering was refreshing. I enjoyed her way of keeping the audience interested and would gladly listen to her speak again. Thanks for all the great information you gave us. Keep up the great work.”Jay T.

“Carlee came and spoke to my YSA Relief Society. As their president there are so many messages and lessons you want the girls to hear and learn. But I didn’t feel I was getting through to them. I had Carlee come speak. I didn’t give her a topic or anything I just told her some of my concerns. The entire time she was speaking she had their attention. The girls and leaders were focused, listening, smiling, laughing and enjoying every moment. She said and did everything I was hoping for and so much more. One girl in particular I have never seen smile, ever. And after it was over I saw a smile on her face. I heard from so many leaders and girls who were so happy with Carlee and her message. It was spot-on and perfect for our ward. We needed it. I’m so grateful for Carlee, for her wisdom, advice, humor and the experiences she shared. She is the BEST!!!”Stacie B.

“I have used Carlee as a professional speaker for work conferences in breakout sessions as well as for team and office retreats. She was very easy to work with and had a flexible schedule for our needs. She did her homework and looked into our company and tweaked her speeches to tie in with our conference themes, as well as make it the most valuable information to adapt to our conference attendees.

She is an excellent speaker and is knowledgeable in many topics that are work related. She brings a fun and exciting presentation that keeps everyone not just awake but laughing! We enjoyed her and received excellent feedback from her, and would use her again.” Melissa Y.

“Carlee is absolutely amazing!! She came to an LDS Singles Ward activity we had and spoke to us about the realities of life. When she shares a story you feel transported to the scene and feel as if you are experiencing it yourself, you laugh along with, and possibly cry with her. If you are looking for an engaging speaker for whatever your event might be, Carlee is the person for you. My only regret of her speech is when it ended, I didn’t want it to end.

Not only is Carlee a great speaker, her book Peas are Gross is also a great read. Go ahead and book her to speak to your group and purchase her book while you’re at it! You will not be disappointed.” Tanner J.

“Our ward had Carlee come speak to our combined young women’s group. We loved having her! She had a strong testimony that was shining bright to our young women. She had a good balance of spirituality, great stories, and chocolate! We had lots of positive feedback from the girls that they loved her and how funny she was. I plan on using her in my next young women’s calling”.Melissa W.

“Carlee was an exceptional speaker. She was entertaining. She has a sense of humor that aided her in relating to the people in attendance. She was so positive and so helpful in motivating her audience into believing in themselves and the power that they each have to change their lives for the better. She was really able to relate to each person that was there and to help them to feel better about themselves and realize that they each are of great worth. I left feeling uplifted and motivated to do better.”Beth S.

“Carlee is an amazing speaker! I had her come to my Relief Society to speak about how we can use the talents we are given to serve others. Carlee is knowledgeable and funny. She really engaged the ladies and wanted to know them by name. She can capture the attention of any audience she is speaking to and relate to them. I would recommend Carlee to anyone looking for a motivational speaker in any setting.” Cheri W.

“Carlee spoke at our Stake Girls Camp and was beyond fabulous. She had such a clear message for our youth and a brilliant way of delivering that had every girl intently listening and eager to take in more. Her gift of connecting with her audience is undeniable and her ability to tailor her talk to the intended crowd were something I have never seen before. We had 300 youth engaged and taking in every word for an hour while crying one minute and immediately moving to laughter the next. There was not one word that went unheard. Our youth and leaders had their lives touched by this phenomenal lady. …What I loved most? She spoke from the heart and came just as she was. No extras required. She was what every girl should see as an example of a fun, caring, kind and Christian-centered role model. We were lucky to have her and she touched so many lives for the better through her gift. It was truly one of the greatest talks I have been privileged to be part.” Heather Purser

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